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American Apparel Viva-Radio

Project Description

American Apparel needed a way to track and pay royalties for music which was being played in all of their commercial stores. We worked with their Creative Director to finalize the layout and design.

We handled the entire process of the build. This included setting up their servers in our datacenter, designing and building the database, building the customer facing website along with an in-store interface for controlling the music.

Multiple account roles were created which allowed for contributors to build playlists and a program manager to schedule these playlists to stream into all of the global store locations. The application took into account different timezones around the world when playing various music. We also created an algorithm to automatically play commercials in between shows.

Reports were generated and sent to ASCAP on a regular basis to determine royalties.

Techology Used

  • Flash
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • JavaScript